Has anyone else ran into an issue where over time the Streaming API
just stops sending results?

We are using a Ruby library to connect (twitter-stream) which uses
EventMachine to open a persistent connection to the API (we are
tracking and following).

The library properly handles reconnection (from dropped connections)
and the various error conditions.

All works well for a period of time (8+ hours in some cases, sometimes
a full day)  after that the connection does no get dropped but no data
gets sent. (At least that's what is seems as EventMachine feels its
still connected)

If we just drop the connection and reconnect all is well and the data
starts to flow again. (Which we could do but that seems like a hack)

Anyone else have this issue or should I dive into the EventMachine
code and see if there is an issue in there?

Thanks in advance,


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