The official help page relating to this is here:
If you believe your account has been removed from search for one of
the reasons mentioned and would like it put back, file a ticket (while
logged in as the account) at and our Support
team will get back to you.


On Feb 19, 9:36 am, TJ Luoma <> wrote:
> This has been a problem for months. Some people just don't have their tweets
> show up in search, ever.
> I reported one of these for a friend via getsatisfaction months ago. No
> change.
> On Feb 19, 2010, at 12:31 PM, Dean Collins <> wrote:
>  I just came across this article 
> recently
> And read with interest this comment “Did you know that
> Twitter<>is beginning to filter out tweets from
> Twitter
> Search <>?”
> The article suggests “Head to Twitter search <>.
> Enter the following in the search box:  *from:username*, without the
> @<>symbol. For example:”
> So I did so for my personal account and tweets are showing up 
> ““
> But the twitter account for my webapp 
><>are not showing
> up?  “ “
> Does this mean the account banned from
> search and people searching for “Nascar“ will not find it or am I missing
> something?
> Cheers,
> Dean

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