Hi Guys

I am toward the end of writing an AIR application using FLEX. I have
bought signature certificates, I have the site URL etc. I have tried
to add the application to my own twitter account and it has been
suspended. The only task of the application right now is to test the
Oauth process, which it passed and then would not tweet. Then when I
looked a bit deeper I found the application was suspended.

I emailed Twitter and have been given a ticket number and although the
ticket does not seem to exist I have had some really fast replies -
thank you. It seems that your team is making judgements on me because
of my company name, which is historic, not what the application does.

Can someone point me in the right direction. Have I taken it down the
wrong development route here? I started hand coding original
microprocessors back in the 80s.  I have written a lot of software
over the years. I consider myself competent but fallible to bloomers
from time to time!

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