I'm I think this could be the problem I've been having. My connection
to the streaming API stays connected and works fine initially, but
often over time the new tweets stop streaming in, but the connection
is still active. I have to stop and restart the process. I've been
using the streaming API since September and this only started
happening this month.

On Feb 22, 10:51 am, John Kalucki <j...@twitter.com> wrote:
> A number of developers have reported abandoned connection issues on the
> Streaming API starting, perhaps, about two weeks ago. The symptoms include a
> long-established TCP connection to stream.twitter.com going quiet, with the
> connection mysteriously held open for perhaps hours afterward. After sorting
> through a lot of conflicting data and chasing a few wild geese, I finally
> reproduced this problem at Feb 22 15:55 UTC (7:55am PST). I'd imagine that a
> number of streams were abandoned at this time. If you had a correlative
> experience within a minute or so of 15:55 UTC, please respond to this
> message.
> We currently suspect an infrequent hardware load balancer issue, perhaps
> related to a recent configuration change. The appearance is that the load
> balancer is, for whatever reason, dropping valid connections, closing the
> connection to the Streaming API servers, but not sending a TCP FIN or TCP
> RST to the client. This is bad. We're treating this as a critical production
> issue and working through the details with network operations. I'll follow
> up as we learn more.
> -John Kaluckihttp://twitter.com/jkalucki
> Infrastructure, Twitter Inc.

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