Would it be possible to get a full HTTP conversation, as well as the IPs
you're connecting from?  We choose a language based on

1) The logged in user's language setting (which shouldn't apply here)
2) The browser's Accept-Language header
3) A guess based on IP, but *only* for the logged out home page.  If we're
doing this for other pages it's a bug.



On Fri, Feb 19, 2010 at 8:34 AM, jdangerslater <jasoncsla...@gmail.com>wrote:

> I've got OAuth implemented for all my service calls in an AIR app I'm
> building and everything seems to be working fine with one exception.
> When I request the authenticate page, for some reason the page that
> loads, loads in french on PCs. On Macs it loads just fine in the
> system's default language. Is there a parameter I can add to the
> request so I can specify the language? I've tried adding the optional
> xoauth_lang_pref but that hasn't made a difference.

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