This has been the "next generally scheduled" user-facing feature for quite
some time on the Streaming API. We've been pushing scale, operational and
efficiency branches recently, and haven't exposed anything user-facing in
quite some time. If we can't keep well ahead of the organic tweet growth,
we're in a tough spot. I hope that we can transition back to features soon
enough, and this feature should be near, if not at the top of, the list.
There's a git branch that has this feature largely working, but I'm afraid
that the merge back to master is going to be a very painful one. The bits,
they rot.

As far as programmatic detection, there are significant policy issues in
play around filtered users. Getting this feature shipped is the real

-John Kalucki
Infrastructure, Twitter Inc.

On Tue, Feb 23, 2010 at 4:25 PM, Jonathan Strauss <> wrote:

> From
> "Removing the quality filter from streams with follow predicates is,
> quite reasonably, an often requested feature."
> Does anyone have any ideas on the status of this feature or any
> suggested workarounds?
> We are working on a new version of powered by the Streaming
> API. However, some of our beta testers are apparently being quality
> filtered and we are trying to figure out a way to get their tweets.
> They are OAuthed, so we can in theory poll their accounts directly for
> updates. However, we don't have a systematic way of figuring out
> whether they are being quality filtered in the first place or if that
> status changes subsequently.
> So, our specific questions are:
> A) Is there any update on the status of removing the quality filter
> from streams with follow predicates?
> B) Is there any way to programmatically check if a given user is being
> quality filtered?
> C) Is there any way to be notified when a given user's quality filter
> status changes?
> Any help here would be greatly appreciated as we would ideally like to
> use the Streaming API as much as possible and it's hard to explain to
> users when their tweets don't show up.
> Thanks!
> -jonathan
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