It seems to be intentional to me. I'm not sure what the reasoning for the
variation is though.


On Tue, Feb 23, 2010 at 02:32, srikanth reddy <>wrote:

> Hi
> I have noticed this problem from my app as well as in browser.
> Lets say userA logs into twitter and hits the link for  retweeted status of
> his by  userB
> say , this actually
> redirects to
> (i.e, users own original
> status)
> if userA signs out then it won't redirect.
> Basically i am trying to see who retweeted my tweets in "Retweets of Me'
> tab from my app then i tried to click the status of that user but it is
> redirecting to my own original status (because users sign in with twitter to
> grant access to my app and usually they wont sign out from browser after
> grating access to app).  It works fine when the user is not required to
> signin (i.e, after storing their access tokens).
> Looks odd to me. I always want to see the retweeted status not my own
> status.
> Is this intended or a bug?
> Srikanth

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