I have now in quick succession seen two glowing reviews of Twitter
follower management tools that enable people to, in bulk, unfollow
those who don't follow them back, plus several other features.

The one review was on TechCrunch and the other one on ReadWriteWeb.

Now, according to Jesse Stay's experience and if I remember correctly,
Dossy's experience, offering "unfollow those who don't follow back" is
squarely against the Twitter rules.

Is that still the case?

If so, perhaps Twitter should reach out to the major tech blogs and
educate them on the Twitter rules, so that they don't give publicity
to applications that violate the rules. If something is glowingly
reviewed in one of those publications, it's not far-fetched to assume
that people won't check whether using those apps could get their
Twitter accounts suspended.

And if it's not against the rules anymore, that will be good to know
also. It's a feature that's requested daily from my experience.

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