I don't know anything about "gardenhose", but I do have some data from "sample". Assuming Twitter's published number of 50 million tweets per day is the full firehose (minus spam, according to the blog post), I've estimated that a typical weekday on "sample" is delivering over 3 percent of the total tweet volume.

My peak from "sample" this past week was 95,006 tweets for the hour starting "2010-02-24 01:59:59 +0000". The average JSON tweet is about 1400 bytes. That peak represents a bit rate of about 300 K bits per second.
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Quoting Mark McBride <mmcbr...@twitter.com>:

Hard numbers aren't made public, but it's safe to assume "significantly more
than spritzer"



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Does anybody knows roughly the gardenhose access to streaming API
provides what % of total tweets.

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