It is with profound sense of sadness i write this email to you. I
don't know how you will find this but you just have to forgive me for
not telling you before leaving. I traveled down to United Kingdom for
a short vacation but unfortunately,i got mugged at gun point on my way
to the hotel where i lodged.All my money and all other vital documents
including my credit cards and my cell phone have been stolen by the

   I've been to the embassy and the Police here but they're not
helping issues at all,Things are difficult here and i don't know what
to do at the moment that why i email to ask if you can lend me $900.00
so i can settle the hotel bills and get a return ticket back home.
Please do me this great help and i promise to refund the money as soon
as i get back home

  I look forward to your positive response,so i can send you the
details you need to send the money to me through Western Union.



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