Have a look at the OAuth Echo proposal:


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> Scenario
>  - TwitterAppA has an oAuth
>  - TwitterAppA has as part of its functions an embed from TwitterAppB
> which also uses Twitter oauth
> The goal is for users to be able to oauth with TwitterAppA and then be
> recognized automatically as the same user by the embed of
> TwitterAppB.  Without this the user gets quite confused as they don't
> understand why they have to login multiple times on one site.
> Allowing for that functionality would allow all the TwitterApps to
> begin working in concert to meet user needs which makes the whole
> community far more effective.
> I realize though that it does open the door for some security
> problems.  However, it seems that Twitter could maintain a graph of
> which apps were embedding which other apps in order to allow a trusted
> relationship model.

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