The app I'm developing stopped working.  It stopped working first on
Linux Firefox and Windows IE and FF - and then (one day later) it
stopped working on my Nokia N97.  The base PHP works fine, but the
ajax jQuery calls (which I see via Firebug) do not update with with
tweets anymore.

I changed the servicing URL from to
and then things started to break. Switched back to
and it started to work again, but then broke down again.

It seems to be an oAuth issue, or my IP or app was temporarily banned
somehow, or maybe I need to set the user agent?  Now it doesn't even
work on localhost (but did until recently).  I have backups, and they
don't work either.

My app is here:

As a simple client, it can be used for blog sites for a dedicated
display of featured tweets; and I want to add formal logon and many
other user features very soon.

Please let me know if you need any further input or code.

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