Logic error in jQuery. My bad.

On Mar 2, 8:57 am, Patrick <kenned...@gmail.com> wrote:
> The app I'm developing stopped working.  It stopped working first on
> Linux Firefox and Windows IE and FF - and then (one day later) it
> stopped working on my Nokia N97.  The base PHP works fine, but the
> ajax jQuery calls (which I see via Firebug) do not update with with
> tweets anymore.
> I changed the servicing URL fromhttp://twitter.comtohttp://api.twitter.com/1
> and then things started to break. Switched back tohttp://twitter.com
> and it started to work again, but then broke down again.
> It seems to be an oAuth issue, or my IP or app was temporarily banned
> somehow, or maybe I need to set the user agent?  Now it doesn't even
> work on localhost (but did until recently).  I have backups, and they
> don't work either.
> My app is here:http://tweetaloha.com/php/tweetpk/index.php
> As a simple client, it can be used for blog sites for a dedicated
> display of featured tweets; and I want to add formal logon and many
> other user features very soon.
> Please let me know if you need any further input or code.

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