I am using pure javascript to do OAuth authentication flow. I already
successfully generate oauth_signature via HMAC-SHA1. And I send
request to Twitter Request Token URL (http://twitter.com/oauth/
request_token), it responses correct oauth_token & oauth_token_secret

But my question is, all authentication flow MUST be doing on a WEB
page, and I CAN'T using server side to send a http request to get a
request token. So, I must using AJAX call to achieve this purpose. But
AJAX request can't cross domain, so the only choice is using JSONP

Unfortunately, Twitter seems doesn't accept a CALLBACK parameter (e.g.
callback=jsonp1234) to pass the result string via calling passed
javascript function. Is that possible Twitter official support this
feature, please?

BTW, I am using jQuery v1.3.2 as my main develop framework library.
about "JSONP", please reference: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/JSON#JSONP

many thanks! :)


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