I have been reading about twitter api limits lately as a lot of my
users are exhausting their 150reqs/h on a fairly regular basis. I came
across the following post and noticed that if users login with OAuth,
they are given 350 reqs/hr.


This was fair enough as you guys are trying to make twitter more
secure (good work!); so we set about implementing OAuth on our client.
We completed the implementation today, but fail to see the 350 reqs/
hr. We are still being limited by the 150 reqs/hr. I was just
wondering whether there was something special we needed to do to get
our req limits up to 350 for those users who login to our client with

Just to give you some background info, the client is a mobile web
based client and all requests to twitter are made on our server on
behalf of our users. If they are logged in with OAuth, the appropriate
OAuth details are also handed through as part of the request.

We know they are using OAuth as our 'updated via xxx' changes with
using OAuth.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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