Hi guys,

For those looking to implement xAuth for Mac OS X, I've set up a complete 
working demo app.  It uses MGTwitterEngine and the OAConsumer libs to do the 
dirty work and just adds enough to implement the new xAuth flow.  I've tried to 
keep the code as simple to understand as possible, but it does the basics:

- Adds the required parameters to the access token request
- Overloads the request method in MGTwitterEngine with a signed request.
- Shows how to store the access key in the Mac OS X Keychain.
- Performs a basic tweet post and fetches the home timeline.

It's just meant to help people get going and see a complete solution in action 
or a as a resource to compare their own solution.  I did one of these for OAuth 
last summer and it was pretty popular, so I figured I'd just keep the ball 

You can see the github repo here:

And if you're not approved for xAuth you can download a complete Mac OS X 
binary that was compiled with working keys -- in case you just need something 
simple to TCP dump.  You can download the binary here:  

I'd be pleased with any sort of feedback, about the code, about the app, or 
just ways that it could be made more approachable for people new to the topic.


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