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On 3 Mar, 05:29, Isaiah Carew <> wrote:
> Hi guys,
> For those looking to implement xAuth for Mac OS X, I've set up a complete 
> working demo app.  It uses MGTwitterEngine and the OAConsumer libs to do the 
> dirty work and just adds enough to implement the new xAuth flow.  I've tried 
> to keep the code as simple to understand as possible, but it does the basics:
> - Adds the required parameters to the access token request
> - Overloads the request method in MGTwitterEngine with a signed request.
> - Shows how to store the access key in the Mac OS X Keychain.
> - Performs a basic tweet post and fetches the home timeline.
> It's just meant to help people get going and see a complete solution in 
> action or a as a resource to compare their own solution.  I did one of these 
> for OAuth last summer and it was pretty popular, so I figured I'd just keep 
> the ball rolling.
> You can see the github repo 
> here:
> And if you're not approved for xAuth you can download a complete Mac OS X 
> binary that was compiled with working keys -- in case you just need something 
> simple to TCP dump.  You can download the binary here:  
> I'd be pleased with any sort of feedback, about the code, about the app, or 
> just ways that it could be made more approachable for people new to the topic.
> isaiah

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