You could always poll the search API occasionally for a very common
term like 'what' and just take the most recent tweet ID from that.

On Mar 3, 10:20 pm, Brian Morearty <> wrote:
> With the upcoming deprecation of /statuses/public_timeline that was
> just announced, will there be any way to find out the (approximate)
> highest tweet id?
> I know the streaming API would work but it seems like overkill.
> Scenario: in my app I cache tweets for performance and to avoid over-
> calling the API. If someone references a tweet whose id doesn't exist
> (e.g. by searching), I'd like to be able to tell the difference
> between "that tweet was deleted" and "that tweet id has never been
> used yet."
> I currently poll the public_timeline once every few minutes. Ids that
> are missing but are lower than the highest one are considered
> deleted.
> As you can see based on my current mechanism, exact precision doesn't
> matter much to me.
> A better alternative for this use case would be a "deleted" indicator
> (perhaps in the HTTP code?) if I try to retrieve a tweet that has been
> deleted. It could be different than the code returned if a tweet had
> never been created.

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