I filed a request for the ability for an authenticated user to be able to retrieve *all* of his or her tweets a long time ago. I can find the date and other details on this group if necessary. Someone back then from Twitter said that or some equivalent was on the road map.
M. Edward (Ed) Borasky

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Thanks all for the replies.

Mark: Then the API Documentation is misleading as it says "Clients may
request up to 3,200 statuses via the page…". My assumption was i can
get a maximum result set of 3200 tweets but could change the timeframe
of the result set by using since_id and max_id.

What you say seems to be the case, but then the wording in the docs
should be changed to clearly state:
    Only the newest 3200 tweets can be received via the API. Older
Tweets are still archived at Twitter but not accessible via the

After all, this is not a Pagination limit at all then! It's simply a
limit of how many tweets are accessible via the API.

Since there might be cases, where archiving tweets might even be
required by law (in corporate enviroments e.g.), accessing old tweets
might be a rare but needed case and i could see the following as a
solution not affecting your performance.

Allow access to an "archive database" of tweets via a new set of API
Methods - e.g.:
And implement a different rate limit to these API Methods – e.g. 4,000
requests per Month
This should suffice most usecases, as downloading old tweets is often
a one time thing in order to catch up. Once othe old archive is
retrieved, we can use the regular API Methods more frequent to keep
our backup archive current and stay within the 3200 tweets boundary.

What do you think?


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