I've overcome the nuances of generating the oauth signature.  It
shocks me that the API documentation provides no clear indication of
how to send the tokens along with an API call.  It's not even a PHP-
specific question.  Simply put: Where do the "oauth_token" and
"oauth_token_secret" get embedded in API call: As posted parameters?
If so, with what parameter names?  Can anybody provide guidance?  I
have seen many people ask this question, yet see no answer.

As far as why one would want to use their own library vs. somebody
else's, that's a question for the ages.  One specific answer is that
many of us have created our own application-specific libraries that
accommodate traditional http authentication and we'd like to keep our
libraries when we add Oauth.  To do so, it's best to have an answer to
this question.

Thank you.

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