> > RoyLeban:_...@twitterapi What does "like that" mean? You count each nbsp as 
> > 1
> > char until you get close to 140 then count them as more? Sounds like a bug
> Don't get me wrong, but I'm guessing that your problem is that you are
> thinking Twitter counts chars, when it counts bytes, actually. Raffi
> posted an URL with the proper way to count characters:
> http://apiwiki.twitter.com/Counting-Characters

No, that document just makes it clear that no matter how a character is
composed, Twitter will always accept 140 characters. Raffi has made it plain
(because I bluntly asked) that 140 character -- not just byte -- tweets are
kosher. Even if they're not in Hebrew.

I think the OP's problem is in handling entities, not UTF-8.

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