What would make use of Streaming for this use case a *lot* easier would be if Twitter would export to the API more detailed information about the Trending Topics. For example, I'd like to see more topics than just the current number displayed, and tweets per unit time (hourly worst case) for each topic. I'd like to see at least the Top 100 and maybe even the Top 1000! This seems to me to be an easy task - you've got to do the computations anyway, right? Heck, with pages / cursors, you could send the whole table out and let people do their own cutoffs.

For example, over the weekend, the Trending Topics were, understandably, dominated by the Oscars. That's ten or twenty right there, by the time you factor in the fact that Farah Fawcett got ignored in the memorial, ten pictures nominated for best picture, ten Best / Best Supporting actresses, ten actors, etc. Throw the perennial Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga into the mix and it's clear there's interesting and useful information further down the list. Why should we have to monitor Streaming and do our own topic analysis and filtering, or subscribe to some service with Firehose access?

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Quoting Mark McBride <mmcbr...@twitter.com>:

This sounds like a perfect use case for the streaming API.  The rate limits
there are different, but in general more permissive. And because you're
doing primarily OR queries, the current track functionality seems



On Mon, Mar 8, 2010 at 3:21 PM, Rahul <rsdigh...@googlemail.com> wrote:


I am building an application that monitors tweets about movies(for now
with... other interesting things planned). I have my id whitelisted
but I want to avoid overusing it.

The challenge that I face is that ideally I want to make full use of
the opportunity to retrieve 100 tweets per call and for that I need
information on the frequency with which users are tweeting about a
movie and then set my call frequency (to call twitter search api)
accordingly so that I maximize the number of tweets returned per call
or atleast.

Since I presume there is no way to know what frequency is someone
tweeting about a movie - I need help is what is the best way to
optimize for such a situation.

The challenge is complicated by the fact that users tweet about
different movies at different rates and the rates generally decrease

I have tried combining searches - but the challenge is that lets say I
search for

(Movie A OR Movie B)
(Movie C OR Movie D)

it could be the case that people tweet about Movie A & B a lot and
litle to none about C or D or there is a combination in which they
continue to tweet about A but not about B - So I still can end up in a
situation where I am not optimizing my calls. Also situations such as
Oscars can dramatically change what people talk about even about
movies out months ago.

I have thought of writing something such as a variable frequency
caller that can check the frequency of tweets for the last 3 calls in
order to appreciate the frequency of tweets for a given search and
then continuously vary the time between calls so that I can get as
close to 100 tweets as possible in a call.

Any ideas suggestions that can suggest ways to alleviate the above
will be highly appreciated.


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