You're accessing an API resource that requires authentication in the URL, thats 
why you're being prompted for a username and password. I have no idea about the 
tumblr page you've seen but there are plenty of Basic auth applications still 
out there.


On 11 Mar 2010, at 12:06, Dmitri Snytkine wrote:

> Yesterday I noticed a javascript prompt on one Tumblr blog asking for
> Twitter username/password
> I thought it was some kind of new phishing scam, I even wanted to
> report it to Twitter.
> Now I just saw the link sent from @twitterapi account and it also does
> the same thing - asking for username/password
> http://api.twitter.com/1/users/lookup.xml?user_id=12863272,3191321,9160152,8285392,795649,15266205
> What is this? Is this legit? I thought we have come a long way with
> oAuth so no app should even ask for user's Twitter username/password.
> If this is a legit javascript based API from Twitter, then it stinks

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