Hi all,

I'm glad to announce that now Twitter4J supports xAuth.

This release also includes a significant performance improvement.

You can download the latest stable build at:

1. specify consumer key/secret combination with either twitter4j.properties or 
system properties
Using twitter4j.properties:
oauth.consumerKey=[your app's consumer key]
oauth.consumerSecret=[you app's consumer secret]
# twitter4j.properties should be located under either the default directory, 
the root of your classpath, or the WEB-INF/ directory

Using system properties:
-Dtwitter4j.oauth.consumerKey=[your app's consumer key]
-Dtwitter4j.oauth.consumerSecret=[you app's consumer secret]

2. your code will go like this
//get a Basic authenticated instance
Twitter twitter = new TwitterFactory().getInstance(screenName, password);
//and then you can get an AccessToken without user interaction
AccessToken token = twitter.getOAuthAccessToken();
// production apps may want to persist the access token here
twitter.updateStatus(new Date() + ": xAuth test.");

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