Are you including the POST parameters in your signature base string
and sending them in the POST body (not in the header)?
Is everything being encoded properly for your signature base string
and in the POST parameters?

401 can happen when the signature doesn't match the request which is
usually because of missing and/or misplaced parameters or encoding
issues.  There's other reasons too, but those are the ones I usually
faced when debugging oauth issues.

On Mar 12, 2:22 pm, SM <> wrote:
> My desktop app uses Adobe AIR with Javascript. I'm using the OAuth
> javascript library from here:
> I am able to POST with xAuth to get the token/token_secret. I am then
> able to GET timelines using the received tokens. However, so far I am
> unable to POST to send updates or create/destroy favorites. When I
> compare the Authorization header my code generates with the one you
> can generate manually at this site:
> they are identical. Nevertheless, I am getting a 401 status back but
> no JSON data telling me what the error is.
> First question: any idea what might be going on here?
> Second question: Under what conditions would one get a 401 status, but
> no data describing the error?
> Stumped!

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