Marc Mims wrote:
I've never found since_id reliable.  If I read the home timeline and
save the most recent since_id, I often discover that new (i.e., statuses
I've never seen) get posted out of sequence---they have lower IDs than
the most recent since_id I saved.
Do you have some example of this that you could point out?

I know if the user follows new people then what you described might happen. Otherwise, AFAICT, it should/must work, so if it doesn't then a bug should be filed. Some (interactive, mobile) clients cannot afford to re-download lots of tweets just to double-check whether some slipped through the cracks somehow.

I know a few weeks ago, Twitter said that status_ids will stop being strictly increasing at some point. If so, a new paging mechanism (not based on since_id or max_id) must also be deployed before that change happens.


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