Good morning,

hope all are well.

I just ran into exactly the same problem this morning, assuming 1000
lookups referring to 1000 API calls (please consider making this more
clear in yout API doc, it seems really unclear that lookup means
single user lookup). I (twopular) am also api_whitelisted and could go
back to considering calling users/show 20.000 times an hour yet even
so I have this script ready I was so happy to read about the new users/
lookup method and took the extra efforts to implement against it.

As many of us I need to prepare for the search user ID -> rest user ID
merging about to come and also want to clean twopular's database from
suspended users. I have around 9 million users in my db at the moment
so I really need something more effective than single user lookups.
For that the new bulk user lookup was just a perfect step towards a
solution so please consider increasing the call limitations for at
least api white_listed applications.

Greets and happy weekend


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