I use Tweetr v1.0b2. I create application on AIR 1.5
Problem: I want to update my status. I logged with OAuth and I write
message: "тест". My code:

private function initTweet() {
     tweetr = new Tweetr();
     tweetr.useAuthHeaders = true;
     tweetr.addEventListener(TweetEvent.COMPLETE, handleTweetEvent,
false, 0, true);
     tweetr.addEventListener(TweetEvent.FAILED, handleTweetEvent,
false, 0, true);

private function createOauth(newOauth:Object){
            oauth = new OAuth();
handleOAuthEvent, false, 0, true);
            oauth.addEventListener(OAuthEvent.ERROR, handleOAuthEvent,
false, 0, true);

            oauth.consumerKey = newOauth.consumerKey;
            oauth.consumerSecret = newOauth.consumerSecret;
            oauth.oauthToken = newOauth.oauthToken;
            oauth.oauthTokenSecret = newOauth.oauthTokenSecret;
            tweetr.oAuth = oauth;


private function clickPost(e:Event) {
        tweetr.updateStatus(managerMess.message); //managerMess.message =

After performing the function "clickPost", in Windows XP SP2 appears
window "Connecting to api.twitter.com"(link picture - files.z-13.ru/
If you fill it and press OK, it appears again!

How to send Cyrillic characters?

Please help me.

Thank you.

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