I am  using a curl command similar to the one given below (here I am
using fake data for app_key, app_secret, username, password)

NOTE: new lines are for display purpose only

curl -k
-H "Authorization: OAuth oauth_consumer_key=\"54df5df4df596561fbGXxhw

But it gives error "Failed to validate oauth signature and token"

Sample data (all these values are fictitious) that I used for writing
this example is:
username = tomlarry
password = tomislarry
app_key  = 54df5df4df596561fbGXxhw
app_secret = 54jh5k4d5f4f2gjh5tj6j1j656f1g6j1dfghwstjd3
Timestamp = 2010-03-15 07:16:11 (GMT)

Please correct me where I am making mistake.

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