This could conceivable happen even between requests.  The results are
ordered by the time somebody started following you, so if you want to have a
(fairly) complete list of your followers, just take a second pass and stop
when you start seeing people already in your cache.  Detecting people who
have stopped following you isn't possible with this method, so at the moment
you'll always be a bit out of date on this front.


On Mon, Mar 15, 2010 at 8:08 PM, GoogleRock <> wrote:

> I understand the twitter API has a rate limit of 150 requests per
> hour.
> I want to download a total list of followers.
> When I download followers I cache the information (100 followers at a
> time).
> However if I run out of requests and have to wait until the next hour
> to begin again how do I know that my cache is still good?  Couldn't
> someone un-follow while I am waiting until the next hour and then my
> cache is dirty?
> Any one have insight into this problem?
> Thanks

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