I'm sure this is my fault, but I have kind of a bizarre scenario,
where OAuth is working for certain APIs, but not the ones for which
"Requires Authorization" is always true.

* I am able to obtain access tokens, both through the PIN process and
through xAuth.
* I can successfully use these access tokens to make certain API calls
using GET.  These are APIs that may have different results if the user
is authenticated or not (user_timeline, rate_limit_status, etc).  I
get the expected results for successful authentication
(ie.user_timeline shows tweets for a protected user; lists/my_list/
statuses shows tweets for my private list).
* However, for APIs that *always* require authentication (eg
verify_credentials, mentions, myusername/lists, etc), I get a 401 with
"Incorrect signature"

I'm not sure what to do.  It was my understanding that OAuth was
pretty unforgiving, so I'm surprised that it seems to half work...

Is this the right forum for this question?  I would be grateful for
any wise counsel!

Dan B

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