Like many others who post on these type of boards, I'm going to first
mention that I'm a newb.

Note: I'm using the PHP library TwtterLibPHP (

I'm trying to pull out various pieces of information (in this case the
user name) using the status/mentions method in the json format and
while it works, it keeps giving me the followin g notice:

"Notice: Undefined index: screen_name in /opt/lampp/htdocs/xampp/
twitter/index.php on line 18"

I searched online for an answer, some mentioned to just hide the
notice, but that doesn't really fix it...anybody have an idea to
resolve this?


Here is my code snippet:


$username = 'theusername';
$password = 'thepassword';

$twitter = new Twitter($username, $password);

$mentions = $twitter->getMentions(array('page'=>1), 'json');

$mentions_decode = json_decode($mentions);

echo "@" . $mentions_decode['screen_name'] . " just mentioned me"; \
\The line giving me the notice


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