Am I interpreting this correct as saying "out of capacity concern
we're currently blocking Flash developers"? The crossdomain.xml issue
has been extremely frustrating across all of Twitter's service
endpoints and if I'm interpreting this post correctly this just adds
to a series of poor choices Twitter has made in regard to Flash
developers in my opinion. If this service needs to be limited for
capacity reasons it should be limited in the same way regardless of
what technology you are using to make requests of the API.

-Orian Marx
Flex Developer

On Mar 17, 1:50 pm, John Kalucki <> wrote:
> It's in the code, but turned off out of an abundance of caution for capacity
> reasons. Given our current plans, it's going to be a little while longer
> before we can turn this on.
> -John Kalucki
> Infrastructure, Twitter Inc.
> On Wed, Mar 17, 2010 at 10:29 AM, TarGz <> wrote:
> > hi,
> > I have prevriuosly work on and now I work a project
> > that use the stream API.
> > The stream API work very well, it is very responsive and powerfull and
> > help me build a realtime geolocated search tool...
> > The bad sing is that my Flash app only work offline because of the lak
> > of crossdomain.xml
> > Did you have plan to put a
> > file live soon ? because I love to share my tools with the world.
> > Thank per advance for your answer(s)
> > Looking forward for your reply

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