Sorry this is the url without spaces scaped"imente com" -"huubs
verdienst" -"steven huubs" -"marc mateu gardey" -"marc mateu alsina"
-"v imente com" -juvenil -"marc mateu"&since_id=1520639490

In fact now, at this moment, this id is older than 2 weeks but the
problem starts to appear in the beginning of the week, 15, or 16 when
the 2 weeks was not completed.

One question then, for what you say.

If I make this search

This give me various tweets and this url
  <link type="application/atom+xml" href="
search.atom?q=twitter&amp;since_id=10744222159" rel="refresh"/>

So the next search I will use that since_id.

In the case of these search there will be no problem, because is a
query with a lot of results so I will made that search more often than
2 weeks. But if I wait more thant 2 weeks to redone the search, this
id will expire?
In that case could be usefull that with error since_id to old could be
included the oldest allowed since_id

On 19 Març, 17:46, Mark McBride <> wrote:
> Can you post the exact URL you're using?  The one posted fails because the
> query is longer than 140 characters.  Trimming it to a single term succeeds.
> This may be due to the fact that your ID is older than two weeks, and is
> therefore unknown to search.  You could try using since=<date> instead and
> see if that works.
>   ---Mark
> On Fri, Mar 19, 2010 at 2:49 AM, NetOak <> wrote:
> > When I perform some search through the API, like this example:
> >
> > "imente%20com"%20-"huubs%20verdienst"%20-"steven%20huubs"%20-"marc%20mateu% 
> > 20gardey"%20-"marc%20mateu%20alsina"%20-"v%20imente%20com"%20-juvenil%20-"m 
> > arc%20mateu"&since_id=9970356763
> > I get he response that since_id is to old.
> > The tweet that is referred by id is correct, present and accessible.
> > Is this one:
> > In somewhere there's a specification of a id could not be used in
> > since_id parameter?
> > There's some pattern, some rule to detect when a id is too old to use
> > in since_id parameter?
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