i'm sure taylor will kick in with a larger knowledge drop, but what i can
suggest is taking a look at and playing with
 that has a pretty good interactive example that you can mimic.

On Wed, Mar 24, 2010 at 6:14 PM, Grantcv1 <grant.vergott...@gmail.com>wrote:

> Hi, After three days of working my way through OAuth, I am getting
> tired and frustrated. I am so close yet so far.
> 1) So far I have registered my application and got the consumerKey &
> secret
> 2) I have used those to get the request token & secret. I was able to
> generate the correct signature to get this wor work.
> 3) I have used the token to login to twitter and allow my app access.
> With that I get a PIN.
> 4) I am using the PIN as the oauth_verifier.
> 5) I am trying to get the access token now.
> I am using the same algorithm to generate the signature that I use
> without fail to create the signature to get the request token (so it
> has worked correctly), with the exception that I have the added
> oauth_token and oauth_verifier parameters. I think that everything is
> encoded and sorted correctly. The parameters I use to create the
> signature is shown in this pseudo base-string:
> POST&http://twitter.com/oauth/access_token&oauth_consumer_key=<ck-
> encoded>&oauth_nonce=<nonce-encoded>&oauth_signature_method=<signature-
> method-encoded>&oauth_timestamp=<timestamp-
> encoded>&oauth_token=<request-token-encoded>&oauth_verifier=<pin-
> encoded>
> In addition, the URL part is RFC3986 encoded as well as everything
> after the second & (all the params in a single string).
> This complete string is then hashed using HMAC-SHA1 with the
> ConsumerSecret.
> I never seem to use the token secret so I don't know what that is
> for???? What am I doing wrong at this point?
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