Hi there,

this is my first post to this group, i'm a spanish developer dealing
with twitter api surprises, excuse my poor english, i'will do my best
to comunicate nicest.

So, to the problem, I'm trying to retrieve the lists for a user, via
list/memberships get method, and passing cursor as parameter, I'm
having got random results, I explain myself, sometimes I made a
request (for user edans, that have a huge amount of pages to paginate)
and I get one page, I pass cursor -1 and I get cursor 0, sometimes I
get one page, I pass cursor -1 i get cursor 1331431515904087602, then
I pass it and I get 0, sometimes I get a random number of pages, but
never, never, be able to retrieve the total amount of pages.

I use php twitter-async classes to comunicate with API, I thought that
it could be the cause of the problem, but using direct curl (via php5-
curl extension) calls I'm having the same issues.

Same using json or xml.

I'm always getting 200 responses, so the call finish in a correct way.

any clue?

I'm turning mad.

Thanks in advance.

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