Sorry to bother you, but I'm trying to do something here, but I don't
know if it's possible.
I'm trying to build a system where users send a text message from the
mobile and I need to create a tweet with that message content and the
user credentials that are associated to that mobile number.
I want that my application post tweets with the following structure:

(USERNAME_A) message from userA
34 minutes ago via (APPLICATION_NAME)

(USERNAME_B) message from userB
35 minutes ago via (APPLICATION_NAME)

To do that, I registered a new application here:

After that I create this code (RUBY):

client =
       :consumer_key => @consumer_key,
       :consumer_secret => @consumer_secret
request_token = client.request_token

puts "#{request_token.authorize_url}\n"
puts "Hit enter when you have completed authorization."
pin = STDIN.readline.chomp

access_token = client.authorize(
  :oauth_verifier => pin

client.update('Tweet test...')

And with this I can tweet using oauth.

But I have 2 questions:
1- Can I use the same application to different users so I can do
tweets like shown in example 2 (diferentes users but the same
application name)?
2- Is there a way to insert the pin automatically without human
interaction? I tried to parse the page, but I think it's impossible,
because the PIN it's not in generated code...

Can you help me?



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