Curious why you're using a varchar field for protected as opposed to
tinyint(1)/boolean? I don't see a "verified" field either, not sure if
that's necessary for FoF.

Other than that, most of my stuff is pretty similar although I'm not
quite as discerning on the lengths of the fields. I usually just do

Do you have a strategy/opinion for when Twitter adds additional fields
like geo, verified, etc? This is one of the primary reasons I've been
considering leaving YesSQL since I have to shut down my site for hours
just to do an ALTER. :(


On Apr 1, 4:12 pm, DustyReagan <> wrote:
> So, it occurs to me how many developers must be reinventing the MySQL
> schema for the User object. I've started work on optimizing my
> database for Friend Or Follow, and thought it'd be cool to share my
> schema and collaborate with other YesSQL users.
> Here's where I'm 
> starting:
> Leave comments here or on my blog and I'll update the MySQL in the
> main post. It'd be nice to have this for other Twitter objects as well.

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