Ha ha, love it.

I feel sorry for other developers, for me personally I can walk away from my 
app at anytime as I see fit because I'm not "reliant" on any single project.

lol MyPostButler (or MyTwitterButler as it was known back then) was given away 
for the first few months - It was just a byproduct for www.LiveBaseballChat.com 
- it was only when I was flooded for licenses I decided to charge for it.

I guess I'm also at a disadvantage as I don't personally code anything and just 
pay other people to build apps for me so 'any' change is a pita on an roi basis.


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> Dean,
> <sarcasm>
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> <line rel="me">Some developers have too much time on their hands.</
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> <line>So, Twitter make these changes to give them something to do so
> that they can STFU on these forums, because they are too busy chasing
> the latest API mod.</line>
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> </sarcasm>
> On Apr 6, 10:14 am, "Dean Collins" <d...@cognation.net> wrote:
> > But raffi why do you have to break the old to offer the new?
> >
> > Basically I've just updated MyPostButler to work again after your last
> > unannounced changed the Thursday evening before a holiday break only to
> > open my email this morning and see you are going to modify search api
> > yet again in some undetermined period of time.
> >
> > I understand things need to change from time to time BUT why so often?
> > Why cant you make the new changes opt-in rather than breaking all the
> > previous applications already deployed out there.
> >
> > Regards,
> >
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