We've built http://twlisted.com and the app is up and working and the
database is in very good shape, but we've been sidetracked onto other
(paying) projects and don't have the bandwidth to give this the
attention that it needs.

This is a machine driven directory of Twitter lists.  Sort of like
Listorious, except that there is no manual curation -- we don't edit
the lists, we rank based upon user specified criteria.  We've also
implemented an API to query the list.  There's a capability to
purchase "sponsored" listings, but we haven't done anything with
this.  It's in PHP/MySql and is based upon qlWebDS Premium 5.1.0d_1DL,
which we have *heavily* customized.  There are several crawlers that
go looking for lists via the Twitter API.

We've done zero marketing of this and yet Google has indexed 1080+

You might just be interested in the database, or you may actually know
what you're doing and would be able to monetize something like this.
Fred Wilson said that search and content would be one of the growth
areas, so you'll be all set to be a player.  If you're comfortable
with PHP and MySQL you'll be able to take this over.

Just follow the For Sale link under the ad banner.  Make us an offer.
Right now, $1 buys it.  We'll even consider a paltry amount up front
and a percentage of your earnings in the future.

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