Hi all --
The Hack Day at Chirp is a remarkable opportunity for the Twitter
Platform. It is the first time that the ecosystem and Twitter's
extended team will meet under one roof. We are excited to collaborate
at such a deep level; answering questions face-to-face while updating
the Twitter team on the innovation ongoing in the ecosystem.

It is cool to think that the Hack Day will represent the largest pool
of ecosystem companies and projects in the same room. To celebrate, we
are hosting a Showcase to demo several apps developed during the event
in addition to nascent companies beginning to gain traction. Here are
some of the ideas we will we will look for:

* Commerce: tools for marketers, consumer analytics and consumer insights.
* Engagement: platforms for social good and government, leveraging
Twitter to drive engagement.
* Consumption: tools that surface relevant content, vertical
integrations, leveraging geotagged tweets, innovative mobile
experiences, user discovery, and media curation.
* Infrastructure: tools for developers, and application marketing and

The Showcase will feature demos of select products and a panel to
discuss the opportunities explored by these budding projects. The only
rules: projects must be less than one years old, must have less than
one million dollars in funding and someone must be at the Chirp Hack
Day on April 15th to present.

To apply to demo at the Hack Day Showcase, please apply here [1] by
3PM on April 15th, 2010.

1. http://bit.ly/chirpshowcase


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