StatusNet is in an interesting position. They can't, and I don't think
have to, compete directly with Twitter. Offering both SAAS and self-
hosted opportunities is compelling, and they have a pretty strong dev
community. They already have Twitter and Facebook two-way bridges
built in, which means you can run your own thing and still interact
with both of those services.

I'm interested in the idea of complementing StatusNet in a similar
fashion on the client side, as a true FOSS tool, extensible via a
plugin architecture.

Ed Finkler
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On Apr 9, 11:42 pm, "M. Edward (Ed) Borasky" <>
> On 04/09/2010 08:22 PM, funkatron wrote:
> > Define "energy." Spaz has been out there and FOSS since mid 2007.
> > Moving off AIR and doing lots of other good things have been in my
> > plans for a long time, but open source in no way means people want to
> > help you.  No one will be even close to your own interest level.
> Open source depends on the fact that it is in the interest of major
> corporations like IBM, Novell, Oracle, Google, Dell and others to
> support it. I quite frankly don't know why some other large corporations
> don't join the party - there are just so many wheels you can re-invent
> before your bottom line goes to Hell in a hand-basket.
> > FWIW, I'm leaning towards deploying Spaz as a hosted FOSS web app --
> > that is, you could use my server, or DL and host it yourself. It would
> > focus on providing a good experience for touch-based clients
> > particularly. When that will happen is pretty much dictated by who
> > else takes interest.
> I should look at Spaz, I guess, although I'm dead-set against ever
> installing AIR again. I loaded one of the AIR-based Twitter desktops - I
> don't remember which one - and the process was brutal. The client itself
> sucked too, so there was no reason to keep it or AIR.
> I'm not sure I'd use a web-based client other than Twitter's at this
> point. HootSuite and CoTweet are moving towards being marketing / CRM
> add-ons to all the social networks. If that was what I was doing, I'd
> simply use SugarCRM (another fine open-source corporate project) with
> Twitter and Facebook plug-ins. ;-)
> > Integrating well with StatusNet's server software seems pretty
> > appealing right now.
> Yeah, I keep meaning to look at StatusNet, although I'm not sure when
> I'll find the time. They've got a huge wall to climb.
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