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> Why are you filling holes in Twitter? Why not rather create your own
> holes and use Twitter to fill them. When you own the dirt you have
> control over what grows in that dirt.

I think we've pretty much exhausted the holes and dirt metaphor, and I'd like 
to propose a different one. A business is defined by the answer(s) to the 
question, "Who is going to sell what to whom?" So, what are the needs of the 
Twitter "customer base?" 

Raffi has posted some things he'd like to see, and I read the blogs regularly 
and have some clues as to what people like @scobleizer, @mashable, etc. think 
Twitter should become. And it all boils down to what real problems people have, 
what costs them money and time, what they don't know that could hurt them, and 
so on. Once we know what the problems are, how can the *Twitter* ecosystem 
solve them?


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