You can create a custom oauth_callback with your own parameters in your call
to get a request_token (temporary credentials) and Twitter is required by
spec to append oauth_token to it when your user returns from authorizing

If the callback URI already includes a query component, the serverMUST
> append the OAuth parameters to the end of the existing query.

On Sun, Apr 11, 2010 at 03:34, Raffi Krikorian <> wrote:

> The specific one first. When I registered my application with Twitter, it
>> made me specify a callback URL. In fact, what page I want Twitter to "call
>> back" depends on what the user is doing! Consequently, the callback page
>> must figure out what the user was doing and redirect to one of several other
>> pages, as appropriate.
>> That will be a lot easier if I can furnish the authorize URL with a
>> parameter that Twitter will return to the callback URL along with the token
>> that it provides. Is that possible?
> i don't think this is possible in oauth 1.0a.  i know oauth 2.0 has a state
> parameter (don't quote me on the name) that will allow clients to pass an
> opaque string to the server who will then pass it back.
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