Thanks for this clarification, Ryan.

I think an important part of the tension is coming from the fact you really
took your time to (as you say) "dig a little bit", and realize the right
move was to buy Tweetie. I mean, it’s almost like if it was in Twitter core
to... have multiple holes, and multiple Apps to fill these holes. Another
"solution" to the Apple Store confusion problem could have been a list of
recommended Twitter clients, for example.

With these recent moves and announcements you’re starting to realize (for
the first time) lots of developer’s fear: "What if Twitter makes that same
feature I’m working on?"

This situation happened on a lot of other platforms before, and I guess we
all knew it was going to happen here, soon or later. The only questions were
When and Who. One of the question is still opened. I hope we’ll find answers
@chirp :)

Arnaud -

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