Regardless of the companies position moving forward, there are great
people working at Twitter who sincerely care about the developer
community, including Ryan. If things are unfair, you can bet they feel
it too. They're still figuring it out. I don't see them implementing
any of the stuff your software does, so I don't understand the
constant negativity. You complained that they weren't communicating,
and when they do you call it BS. Life's too short man.

The whole situation the last few days reminds me a lot of this clip:


On Apr 11, 8:05 pm, Dewald Pretorius <> wrote:
> Ryan,
> Thanks for attempting to step into an emotionally charged environment
> and clarifying things.
> However, to be quite frank, the argument about "confusion in the Apple
> app store" gives off a distinct spinning sound. Very loud, in fact. It
> may be one of the reasons for acquiring Tweetie, but to cite it as the
> primary and only reason immediately sets of all flavors of BS alarms.

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