Thanks, Ryan!

I'm looking forward to Thursday's discussion. I think that as 3rd
party Twitter developers, we think of ourselves existing somewhere in
the highest bracket of "engaged users." Whether it's a valid concern
remains to be proven, but a lot of folks (myself included) are now
wondering if "maximize benefit to users" is inclusive of us too. Is it
inclusive of developers? Is it inclusive of our existing users? Is it
inclusive of the user base we're trying to grow?

I hope it is. Twitter's developer-centric nature is what got me
excited about supporting the platform in the first place.

We all have a joint interest in creating the best possible end-user
experience. What I'd love to see from Twitter is an open commitment to
supporting 3rd party developers in their attempts at achieving this
goal. I'm less concerned about Twitter creating or purchasing
applications with the same functionality as my own. What I do worry
about, however, is if Twitter's applications will have access to
private APIs or exclusive features that prevent 3rd-party developers
from creating a competitive or superior experience. I also wonder
whether the goal is to improve access to data services like the search
and stream APIs (scalability permitting) to a larger audience, or if
the plan is to continue to develop exclusive partnerships that have
premier access.

I could be wrong, but an ongoing commitment to open-data and non-
exclusive APIs should lead to the best applications and the most
diverse Twitter ecosystem--an ecosystem that allows users to decide,
by their use of both official and 3rd-party products, where maximized
value lies.

See you all at Chirp!

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