Whilst I personally use a more technical solution, I believe if you
put in place of localhost in the Application callback url it
works - eg instead of http://localhost/path/to/your/callback/file put It's possible that
doesn't work any longer, I've not tested it in a while, but it
certainly used to from memory.

On Apr 12, 5:34 pm, Dushyant <dushyantaror...@gmail.com> wrote:
> I am new to twitter API and also to web hosting and stuff. I have
> installed a WAMP and use localhost to run my PHP scripts. Now I want
> to register my app on Twitter and I require a callback URL which must
> be the URL to your “profile-page.php” file. Do I need a web host for
> this (kindly suggest a free web hosting service...I am a student :)
> just doing this for learning purposes) or can I still do this from
> localhost (using some hack)

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