On 04/12/2010 01:58 PM, Orian Marx (@orian) wrote:
> I've spent eight months on a new Twitter client myself, and I had
> planned to start showing it at Chirp. Mine is in-browser so I suppose
> it's not quite the same situation, but in reality I do think they are
> all, for the most part, in competition with each other - no?

Yes, there is a competition - two competitions, in fact:

1. Clients that interface only to Twitter, and
2. Clients that interface to Twitter and other services.

If we narrow the field to Twitter-only clients, the stats are very
clear: http://twitter.com has the lion's share of the tweet count, with
uberTwitter a distant second and TweetDeck third. See
http://tdash.org/stats/clients for the numbers.

Tweetie is number 11 on the list - *1.39%* of all the tweets posted come
from Tweetie!

In short, Twitter clients are "jockeying for position" in a crowded
field with 39.31% of the usage already subtracted out by Twitter's main
web page. See "Which Twitter Clients Do People Actually Use?"
http://meb.tw/9iRfxU for some analysis.

M. Edward (Ed) Borasky
http://borasky-research.net/m-edward-ed-borasky/ @znmeb

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