Nice! But... I couldn't miss this opportunity to share my own version
of Chirp tweet tracking page, focused on conversations! :p

It threads in real time all attendees' conversations, displaying their
discussions rather than disjointed tweets.

Arnaud -

On Apr 12, 11:53 pm, Chad Etzel <> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have setup a special Chirp tweet tracking page on MadChat (an as of
> yet unreleased site I've been working on) so folks who are not at the
> conference (or even if you are) can easily read all of the Chirp
> chatter.  It is intentionally minimally designed to look like a
> chatroom and have no avatars, so you get the max text-per-screen
> ratio. Bonus points if you use the "Terminal" Skin under Settings.
> The url is
> It is tracking the #chirp hashtag as well as all @chirp mentions.
> There is little happening there right now, but I wanted to get the
> word out. It's using the Streaming API, so it feels just like a
> chatroom.
> To reply to a tweet, just click on the username on the lefthand side
> of the chatroom to link the reply to that tweet. Stuff you type will
> be tweeted out once you hit Enter, so be mindful of that.
> Anyway, hope this helps some people be able to monitor the backchannel
> of tweets and is another cool example of what you can do with the
> Streaming API.
> chirpity chirp,
> -Chad

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